I’ve just arrived at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.  The plane ride from Seattle was nice and smooth, and luckily I booked a window seat so that I could prop my head against the window and get some decent rest.  Considering that it was a nighttime flight, it was visually interesting only as we departed from Seattle and just as we made our way into Anchorage.  Even though it was dark out, I could still see the jagged creases and outlines of the snow-covered mountains that we flew, admittedly, uncomfortably close over, as well as large and small chunks of ice in the waters around the city of Anchorage itself.

Since the Combi jet entrance for passengers was located in the rear of the plane, I was one of the first out.  We had to exit down some stairs propped up against the plane as it stood out on the frozen tarmac – giving me my first taste of Alaskan winter.  It was definitely cold, but surprisingly not as cold as I thought it would be.

Let’s see if I’m singing the same tune when I arrive in Fairbanks in a few hours!


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