I finally made it to Barrow, after 27 hours of traveling in the air and being at or in seven different airports. I’m admittedly tired and jet-lagged and am functioning purely on the simple rush of being here in northern Alaska, a place unlike any other in which I have ever been.

The short, two-block walk from Wiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial Airport here in Barrow to the Airport Inn gave me my first real taste of just how cold it is here in the Arctic. Fortunately, I brought some good winter clothing with me; that being said, by the time I arrived at the hotel only a few short minutes later, I couldn’t feel the lower half of my face (it was beyond just simply being numb).  It was so nice to finally make it to my warm, cozy room. However, there was to be no immediate rest for the weary, as there was work to be done, food to be eaten, and people to meet prior to the conference tomorrow, and I had to take advantage of the few twilight hours that are available during this time of the year here in this part of the state.

Here is a video I took shortly after checking in, on my way from the hotel here on Momeganna Street to have a quick lunch at Pepe’s North of the Border, on Agvik Street:

Next up are a few images showing my walk to the restaurant as well as of some interesting menu finds (in no particular order):


I also went to the Iñupiat Heritage Center and introduced myself to Patuk Glenn, museum curator.  She advised me on the setup for tomorrow so that I could get a better idea of how everything would fit together now that I was at the museum in person.  While there, I took a tour of the museum and learned even more about the fascinating Iñupiat culture, history, customs, and traditions by means of the many relics and artifacts that have been carefully preserved for future generations of visitors.

By about 3:00pm AKST, the twilight was starting to fade away into darkness, and it was time to come back to the hotel, so I opted for a walk across the tundra by myself, just me and nature.  The picture below was taken at about 3:30pm once I made it back to my hotel room:


As the evening comes to a close, it’s time to go grab some dinner and then head back to get a good night’s rest in order to get an early start on the busy day that tomorrow promises to be.  I’m looking forward to meeting the locals and other conference exhibitors to show them how Rosetta Stone can help with the teaching, promotion, and preservation of the Iñupiatun language!


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